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Cashing in on Disaster

While the winds were pounding my home and the electricity was flickering, marketers were rubbing their hands together in glee, coming up with clever ways to leverage the storm, completely disconnected from what was happening.  This email from a gym came in Monday afternoon as the water was rising and the rain was falling.

Sam Ash sent me an email with this subject: The weather maybe frightful, but the deals are delightful. They went on to say:

To all of our friends weathering the effects of hurricane Sandy this week – our thoughts are with you. A great time to stay inside and play some music if you can! While the weather outside may be frightful – the deals that are flying out during our October Madness sale event are making our customers very happy!

I’m sure those who have lost loved ones, homes or suffered significant inconvenience due to Sandy, wished they’d been able to take advantage of these ‘must have’ savings.

Now that we are all connected, it’s still jarring to see such communication at a time when many are still in the dark, cold, and now having trouble finding gas.






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