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I Am Not My Job

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I Am Not My Job was my first CD and features Rachel Z, the keyboard player from Peter Gabriel's touring band, as well as Sloan Wainwright on background harmonies. The actor, Keir Dullea, provides voiceovers on two songs -- Keir was Captain Bowman in Stanley Kubrick's 2001.

Several of these tracks have companion short stories. Three have already been published and posted on web sites.

Robert Steven Williams is an American author come singer/songwriter who makes music that resides in the same laid back territory as Jack Johnson or Ben Harper. With album I AM NOT MY JOB, Williams delves into a relaxed acoustic blues groove, delivering songs that frequently fall on just the ride side of pleasantly surprising.

- UK Music Review

“I Am Not My Job” is almost a novel in of itself. Commanding narratives are matched with equal musicianship. The music is rooted in folk rock and ambitious pop landing nicely with smile worthy hooks.

- Smother Magazine

Special thanks to Jayson Byrd and Miggs Burroughs for their excellent contributions to the CD artwork.

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Track Listings
1. Fallen Far
2. Will You Come Out Tonight
3. I Am Not My Job
4. Zen Cowboy
5. He Was In Love
6. The Money
7. Jersey Cowboy
8. Imagination Running Wild
9. Your Favorite Lullaby
10. Peace On Earth
11. Heaven's Drum
12. Going for a Ride
13. Fallen Far (Reprise)

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