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A whole new world opened up . . .

I traded in my Blackberry Torch for the HTC One X on the Android Platform this week and it has rocked my world.  4g is like going from dial-up to DSL, it’s a game changer.

Of course I’d been reading about it, but until this ‘information access’ is in your hands and on the go, you don’t really understand.  I thought the Blackberry Torch gave me what I needed. Email was fabulous. Apps were limited, but at least I had the MLB 12, providing the Philly radio broadcast of every game this season.

But I must admit, the video highlights were painful to access. When I was with friends and we needed to know the start of a movie or the phone number of the local Chinese take-out, those with iPhones had the answer before I’d even typed in a search.

Not anymore.

I wanted the 5, but I couldn’t wait because I’d lost my phone.  I was offered a deal on the 4, and I considered it because I wanted to be part of the cool crowd, but when I looked at the Samsung and HTC, I opted to stand rather than sit with Apple.

I’m sure there are trade-offs in terms of available apps, but from the look of my iPhone friends when I show them this HTC, I’d say those ads of mom and dad in line at the Apple store aren’t far off the mark (note: that’s a Samsung ad, but so far, it appears the point applies to HTC too).





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