First Year Little League Coaches are Saints



Inspired by the incredible play of those kids in the Little League World Series, I was reminded of earlier this year watching my girl friend’s eight year old play ball for the first time. I wrote this piece for the Good Men Project. Here’s the link:

You can’t fight City Hall

A few weeks ago I got a tax bill for a car I sold back in April. Today I went into the Town of Westport to tell them that I don’t own this car anymore.

They said it was up to me to tell them and that I would need the Bill of Sale and a copy of the receipt provided by the CT DMV when I turned in my license plates.

I told them I had no idea if I had either, but that surely you guys track vehicle transactions via computer.

“We get an update once a year,” the woman in the Westport Tax Office said. “The onus is on you, so either pay this bill now, or face the interest and late fee penalties.”

“But why is it my responsibility?” I asked. “I reported the sale and turned in my plates to the DMV. You have all the information you need to tax me properly.”

“That’s the state. We’re local. When you turned in your plates you were given a receipt that tells you that you must contact your local government.”

“I don’t recall any such conversation with DMV,” I told her.

“It’s clearly stated on your receipt.”

“It might, but who reads all that fine print?” I said. “I’m not paying this. It’s unfair.”

“You’ll be fined.”

“Look, I know it’s not your fault,” I said trying to get the woman on my side. “But this seems ridiculous in an age of computers. The DMV is fully computerized, how is it you can’t get that info on a timely basis?”

“Do you want to pay this bill or not?” she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

I wrote the check and left.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore Songwriting Retreat


Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Me

Just got back from a weekend retreat with Jimmi Dale Gilmore at Omega in Rhinebeck, New York. Will write more later.
Thanks for checking in.



Don’t Get Sick


As a freelance writer and communications consultant health insurance is necessary and expensive. Before this legislation was upheld by the Supreme Court, I could be denied coverage at any price (and I have even though I’m healthy); now it’s not only possible to buy, it will be affordable.

Being forced to buy insurance isn’t about freedom. Before this legislation, if you didn’t have insurance and you got into a serious accident, a hospital still treated you. That cost was picked up by the rest of us who buy insurance.

Not having insurance when you can afford it is irresponsible and unfair to the rest of us.

The uninsured roll the dice, reaping the benefit of not paying, and they still get coverage in an emergency. That’s unpatriotic.

With all of us in the system, those who absolutely can’t afford it get subsidized; the rest of us take advantage of the collective economies of scale.

That’s sounds a lot more like capitalism than socialism. Corporations are all about scale.

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