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The Williamsburg Recording Sessions: Part 2

I spent ten hours in the studio on Friday down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, finishing up the track for the novel, My Year as a Clown. The story’s protagonist, Chuck Morgan writes a love song for a girl, but doesn’t have the courage to play her the song. Purchasers of the book will be given a code to download a high quality MP3 of the track.

Last month I recorded the basic tracks with Doug Yowell on drums (Duncan Sheik/Suzanne Vega) and Rob Calder, bass (Angus Stone). Declan O’Rourke introduced me to them and studio owner/engineer, Tim Mitchell—Tim’s worked with guys like Springsteen and Sting.

Recording is lots of fun, but its hard work too. It was a tad daunting going into the studio with such great musicians, but part of the reason they are so great is that they are so easy to work with–they also always come up with great parts that serve the song well.

Some of that session was captured by Mark and Carl, a video crew. They’re making a short promotional piece for my website that will be posted soon. There’s lots of extra video bits that will crop up over the next few months … Read the rest

The Epic Struggle to Support Losers

It was another gut-wrenching afternoon of Eagle football, made worse when I saw an advertisement for an upcoming movie about a romance with a die-hard Eagle’s fan. The film features Bradley Cooper and at first glance, it was like I’d been sacked by the entire Cowboy defensive line. My book comes out in January and this film comes out now.

The Eagles are a train wreck. This might be the most unproductive group of talented players on record. And then to see this film trailer—someone else used the Eagles in a novel about relationships. I was reeling.

And yet, there I was, more concerned about how this team could eke out a victory.

But after the Dallas punt return I knew.

I kept the game on to the bitter end, watching our rookie QB get hammered at the goal line with less than a minute to go. The ball fell free and Dallas scooped it for one last kick to the gut.

Although Chuck Morgan, the protagonist in My Year as a Clown, is a die-hard Eagle fan, football is only a small aspect of my book. This movie is serendipitous. I guess one could ask why it’s taken … Read the rest

Cashing in on Disaster

While the winds were pounding my home and the electricity was flickering, marketers were rubbing their hands together in glee, coming up with clever ways to leverage the storm, completely disconnected from what was happening.  This email from a gym came in Monday afternoon as the water was rising and the rain was falling.

Sam Ash sent me an email with this subject: The weather maybe frightful, but the deals are delightful. They went on to say:

To all of our friends weathering the effects of hurricane Sandy this week – our thoughts are with you. A great time to stay inside and play some music if you can! While the weather outside may be frightful – the deals that are flying out during our October Madness sale event are making our customers very happy!

I’m sure those who have lost loved ones, homes or suffered significant inconvenience due to Sandy, wished they’d been able to take advantage of these ‘must have’ savings.

Now that we are all connected, it’s still jarring to see such communication at a time when many are still in the dark, cold, and now having trouble finding gas.


 … Read the rest

The Connect / Disconnect of Social Media During Sandy


The inconvenience of no power is nothing compared to the tragedy experienced by those who lost their loved ones or a home.

During the storm I was  hooked on my friend’s feeds and in posting my own photos. I felt connected to them, but it was also jarring seeing posts from out of the area about parties, beach scenes and vacations.

I guess when Katrina hit, I had no clue either. Unless this is in your back yard, you have no idea.

 … Read the rest