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My Year as a Clown hits the Virtual Road this Fall


I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be rolling through the virtual book blogging world throughout the fall, first with Teddy Rose:



and then with Tracee and Pump up your book:



More details to come as tour dates and locations are sorted.… Read the rest

The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald

IMAG0558Yesterday I took a remarkable journey through the personal correspondence of F. Scott Fitzgerald archived at the Firestone Library on the campus of Princeton University. I held actual letters from Scott himself, as well as communication written by friends, writers and colleagues.

It was a surreal feeling reading these letters, often heartbreaking. Scott pleading with the life insurance company because he didn’t have the cash to pay the bill. Doctors detailing Zelda’s situation. Notes about his daughter, Scottie; a teen-aged Zelda telling Scott to stop writing so much.

I drove down with my executive producer, Richard ‘Deej’ Webb. We went through thousands of pieces and found two tied to Westport: A note from Scott to his best man, Ludlow Fower, and a letter to Scott from H.L Mencken and George Nathan, editors of the Smart Set Magazine. Both make great additions to our film.

Security was tight and one must strictly follow the rules. Fair enough–these documents need to be protected for future generations. Here’s the ID card required to be worn at all times. No drinks, no food, no pen or pencils or paper (they provide that). No bags or other personal possessions (although laptops are permitted).

We took … Read the rest

Indie Reader Rates My Year as a Clown Four Stars

IR Approved Sticker 2


Just landed a great review from Indie Reader, a wonderful site with a lot of cred.

 … Read the rest

On the Gatsby Trail: Observations from the Film Trenches — Great Neck, Long Island

IMG_20130718_093457This week I was in Great Neck, Long Island filming for our Fitzgerald documentary. Kudos to the crew and to Alice Kasten, president of the Great Neck Historical Society, for spending the day in blistering heat, generously giving her time to show us her town.

Scott & Zelda lived in Great Neck in 1922 and 1923. From there he left for Paris where he wrote The Great Gatsby. The established thought about Gatsby is: West Egg is Great Neck and East Egg is Sands Point.

According to Alice, whenever the town reflects upon its history, it is naturally drawn to the 20’s and Gatsby–they even have a Gatsby Lane.

Our objective is not to debunk Great Neck’s impact on the Gatsby in this documentary, it’s about establishing Westport’s legitimacy in its contribution to what we find in Gatsby, as the writer Barbra Probst Solomon who grew up in Westport so eloquently accomplished with her 1996 New Yorker article. Unfortunately, that story failed to gain traction with the scholarly community.

Alice of Great Neck said, “I wasn’t even aware the Fitzgerald’s were in Westport.”

And so we are spending the summer digging into that era helping to flush out Ms. … Read the rest