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Cover to the CBGB Anthology by Jaimie Hernandez


I only recently came to appreciate comics when asked to put a series together for the iconic New York City club CBGB. I worked with BOOM! Comics in Los Angeles to bring this Harvey nominated series to life.

BOOM! were amazing and they connected me to a world-class assortment of writers and artists. I even got to write one of the stories. The experience has inspired me to explore other opportunities including graphic novels. At the moment, my plate is full, but sometime in the not so distant future, I will produce another project in this category.

Although the individual CBGB series sold out, the anthology is still available on Amazon.

Since you’ve come all this way in my website, I offer you my story for free as a PDF.

As an added bonus, I’ve included some development drawings and script excerpts for those interested in the backstage view of the process.


Sketch of one of the pages in Story Six written by me and Louise Staley


Page 2 of my story for CBGB Comic Book


Pitch Sheet Describing the Comic Book Series


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