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The Elman Team Photo circa 2002


Grounded in fact, but with leeway to connect the dots creatively, Sports for Peace is what I’m most proud of to date in this category. It’s about the kids who play for Elman FC in Somalia, a squad that actually toured the country in 2003, at a time when nobody dared cross the ad hoc boundaries established by warlords. Elman got through with a message of peace and a soccer ball.

The team traveled over a thousand miles on potted highways and dirt roads littered with landmines. They persevered through drought-stricken areas and borders patrolled by child militias, playing and teaching peace wherever they stopped, changing the hearts and minds of many along the way.

I wrote Sports for Peace for the famine relief charity, Concern Worldwide, based in Dublin. They do incredible work helping the poorest of the poor around the world. Sports for Peace was a small contribution to their important work.


You’ll also find articles I wrote for Paul Newman’s charity, Safe Water Network. These pieces appeared recently in an insert for the USA Today. Safe Water Network is solving water for the 800 million who do not have safe water to drink. I’ve had the privilege to help form their narrative as they make important contributions to overcoming this critical global challenge.


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