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The Williamsburg Recording Sessions: Part 2

I spent ten hours in the studio on Friday down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, finishing up the track for the novel, My Year as a Clown. The story’s protagonist, Chuck Morgan writes a love song for a girl, but doesn’t have the courage to play her the song. Purchasers of the book will be given a code to download a high quality MP3 of the track.

Last month I recorded the basic tracks with Doug Yowell on drums (Duncan Sheik/Suzanne Vega) and Rob Calder, bass (Angus Stone). Declan O’Rourke introduced me to them and studio owner/engineer, Tim Mitchell—Tim’s worked with guys like Springsteen and Sting.

Recording is lots of fun, but its hard work too. It was a tad daunting going into the studio with such great musicians, but part of the reason they are so great is that they are so easy to work with–they also always come up with great parts that serve the song well.

Some of that session was captured by Mark and Carl, a video crew. They’re making a short promotional piece for my website that will be posted soon. There’s lots of extra video bits that will crop up over the next few months also.

At this second session I added a couple of guitar parts. One was an electric part in stereo. I played my 1966 Gibson ES355, which has two separate outputs that plugged into an old VOX amp;, the other, an old Fender Twin. Standing in a room with both amps cranked, playing these parts, its the sort of thing found on a some folk’s bucket list.

The electric part is used as an enhancer, not a main feature, so it’s as much about the tone and sound as it is the actual notes I’m playing.

Over the next few months, I’ll post snippets of that part on its own for those interested.









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